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Upper Cross Syndrome

Care for TMJ Disorder

Are you suffering from Upper Cross Syndrome or TMJ Disorder and can’t find any relief? Look no further.Are you suffering from Upper Cross Syndrome or TMJ Disorder and can’t find any relief? Look no further.

Atlantic Spine & Sports Medicine will use an integrated approach to help treat your pain so you can live your life pain free, drug free, and surgery free.

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Our physical therapists can evaluate the source of the TMJ pain and find a solution

Whether the TMJ pain source is a postural, muscular or disc issue or a combination of these – our physical therapists will evaluate and address the issue. All of these sources can be addressed with a physical therapy program, and each program is individualized to the patient. Treatment for postural reeducation includes ergonomic assessments, kinesiotaping, postural muscle strengthening and core work.

Physical therapy serving West Orange, NJ and the surrounding North Jersey area.
tmj doctor west orange
tmj doctor west orange

Non-Surgical Treatment

Chiropractic can also be a very effective nonsurgical treatment for temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The chiropractor recognizes the relationship between the spine, jaw, skull and nervous system. Evaluation and correction of structural misalignment as well as addressing the myofascial trigger points in these areas leads to better temporomandibular joint function as well as pain relief.

Our medical doctors will almost always get an MRI first and then they would then do a workup including ultrasound. Usually TMJ could be one of two types of problems, a nerve problem or a joint problem. If it is a nerve issue, the doctor could use injections from cortisone to Botox and/ or try acupuncture. If it is an unstable joint, the use of regenerative injections like prolotherapy or PRP to stem cells with ultrasound guidance can be used.

The Road to Recovery

Here at Atlantic Spine & Sports Center we have the tools to help you break this pattern. We can help you eliminate the negative compensatory factors, teach you proper functional cues to improve the condition, teach proper ergonomics for activities of daily living that are contributing to the condition, rehabilitate the weak musculature in order to stabilize you from a postural standpoint, and reestablish your body’s optimal functional capacity in the correction of these conditions. Let Atlantic Spine & Sports Center help you get better faster and stay better longer!

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