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I was skeptical about taking Physical Therapy but after my first session I was sold. Vanessa and Sridhar have brought me to a point, with their guidance, to where I have absolutely no pain in my back. Thank you both.
physical therapy west orangeP. BabinskiPatient
Excellent performance with my PT group. They are very informative and have great knowledge of their jobs. I would recommend this group to the world. Thank everyone here for their patience with me.
physical therapy west orangeG. AckersPatient
Dr. Liu, I wanted to tell you that the nerve is finally starting to recover! You have no idea how grateful I am that you got the right area, and that this procedure was even available. I feel lucky to be operated on by probably the best surgeon in the world for this condition. You’re a great person to have helped so many people, now including me. It feels like it will take some time to get back to 100%, but at least it’s started to heal. If there’s anything at all I can do to say thank you, please let me know, even if it’s just free CME.
physical therapy west orangeD. LambertPatient
Sridhar helped me start recovery from back pain due to a fall. His treatments, exercises and kind patiences helped me a great deal in several treatments. When I was released he designed an exercise program for me online which is helping me further recovery.
physical therapy west orangeL. HeickPatient
The Physical Therapy I received by Sridhar helped me to be mobile faster than I expected. His Instructions were specific and the exercises helped me immediately. He is clear and has excellent manners with his patients. He is the best Physical Therapist one could ask for.
physical therapy west orangeN. JonesPatient
I sincerely would like to thank Sridhar, PT for his wonderful bedside manner, his ability to explain the rationale and importance of the exercises in a simple, yet comprehensive way. The improvement I’ve made is really due to showing me exactly what to do and helping me to understand how each exercise helps. And also thanks to the rest of the staff (Vanessa) for her attention and professionalism as well.
physical therapy west orangeM. AlvarezPatient

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